Nitte Curricula

Nitte Curricula

Program and Course Outcome Analysis

Evaluation of attainment of Program Outcomes through exit surveys Students who have appeared for their graduating examination (final year / semester) are invited to complete a survey on the level of attainment of Program Outcomes. For each of the stated Program Outcomes, the students rate their perceived level of attainment on a four-point Likert scale (3 = Achieved completely; 2 = Achieved to a great extent; 1 = Achieved to some extent; 0 = Not achieved at all).

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Evaluation of attainment of Learning Outcomes from examination performance of students
Test Items (Questions) in Summative University Examinations are mapped to their respective Specific Learning Outcomes (SLO). The marks scored by the batch of students appearing for the exam is tabulated and averaged for each question and hence the level of performance-attainment for the tested SLOs are computed.

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Crosscutting themes in curricula

Courses and modules addressing crosscutting themes

Description of courses/modules addressing crosscutting themes

Curriculum enrichment - Field visits / research projects / Industry internships / visits / Community postings

Summary of student participation